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Our Mission

The mission of the Veterans Center of North Texas is to assist Veterans, of all ages and service eras, and their families to navigate through the network of public and private agencies to obtain assistance, services, and support to establish and maintain productive lifestyles within our North Texas communities.

What We Do

At the Veterans Center of North Texas, we strive to provide immediate financial assistance to Veterans struggling to make ends meet due to unforeseen circumstances. VCONT works to provide Veterans with resources to regain stability by assisting them with financial help to pay for essentials such as rent, mortgage payments, food, utilities, transportation, and household needs. 


The Veterans Center of North Texas connects Veterans with qualified service providers that can address each Veteran’s specific needs. One of the biggest challenges facing Veterans today is locating qualified service providers that can address their needs.  With over 43,000 service providers nationwide and over 1,000 in North Texas, locating a provider that can address your specific needs is a daunting and frustrating task. The Veterans Center of North Texas takes the burden of finding a qualified service provider off of the Veteran. This enables the Veteran to focus on resolving their issues and improving their quality of life.

All grants and donations the Veterans Center of North Texas will be used to provide financial assistance to eligible clients. Upon the completion of a comprehensive vetting process and the submission of requisite documentation by beneficiaries, the dedicated staff members of the organization will engage directly with pertinent stakeholders such as apartment managers, mortgage companies, utility service providers, and other relevant entities, with the objective of promptly settling outstanding client accounts. The ramifications of such targeted assistance are unequivocally profound, as a substantial portion of our beneficiaries approach us during a juncture of acute need, necessitating urgent intervention. By intervening to cover essential expenses such as utility bills, NVOP/VCONT serves as a safeguard, averting the prospective predicament of veterans and their families being deprived of indispensable utilities.

This year alone, the Veterans Center of North Texas has processed more than 500 requests for assistance. A large number have received referral services to address their needs and at least 200 applicants have received temporary financial assistance directly from VCONT. We conduct a comprehensive in-take process to identify the root cause of the financial crisis and to develop an action plan to improve the current circumstance facing that Veteran.  Our objective continues to be to aid Veterans and their families and to preclude homelessness for Veterans facing eviction, loss of utilities or transportation.

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