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Many Veterans seeking health care assistance are dependent on the VA medical facilities for their care. The North Texas area is fortunate to have several very good VA medical facilities capable of treating physical and mental health issues. The Dallas VA Medical Center is a full-service hospital. The Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham, TX provides primary care, prescriptions, mental health services and some specialty consults. Community clinics are located in Denton, Fort Worth, Granbury, Greenville, Plano, Sherman, and Tyler TX. In addition to the VA system, there are private doctors, dentists and vision care centers as well as non-profit organizations that provide medical, dental and optical care as well as treatment for Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Several Veteran support groups are also available to help Veterans discuss their issues in  non-threatening environments. Although the medical system is huge and complex, the Veterans Center of North Texas can help you register with the VA medical system, transfer your service from another VA Medical Region, and help you find the right facility to address your health issues, whether they are inside or outside the VA medical health care system.

"The Veterans Center of North Texas connected me with the Vets Center and the Cohen Clinic to help me with my PTSD. These facilities are nice alternatives to the care available from the VA hospital. I was especially impressed with the counseling services for family members offered by the Cohen Clinic." - Stan G.

"Who knew there was a VA Clinic in Plano? Thanks to the Veterans Center of North Texas I switched my primary care from the VA Medical Hospital in Dallas to the Plano CBOC. I'm now getting quality care for my basic health needs without the hassle of driving and parking in Dallas." - Mary F.

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