Whether you are facing a temporary financial problem or a long-term financial crisis, the Veterans Center of North Texas may be able to help. Immediate or short-term financial assistance is difficult to locate. However, we have access to many service providers who may be able to provide assistance. In some cases, we have been able to secure very low-interest loans for Veterans to help them through a short-term financial problem. We also have access to service providers that can provide non-monetary assistance such as food, clothing, household goods, and furniture. If you have long-term financial problems the Veterans Center of North Texas will work with you to determine the underlying cause of your problem and develop an action plan to get you back on your feet again. We also have access to service providers to help you manage your budget, develop a savings plan and provide financial planning services. During tax season we can provide access to free or low-cost income tax preparation services. Most of our volunteers are former military; we understand how difficult it is to live on a limited income.

"The Veterans Center of North Texas helped get the money I needed to pay my rent and avoid getting evicted." - Jamal H.

"They helped me get $100 to get my tire fixed and fill my tank with gas. I was able to get to work and save my job." - Jesse P.

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The mission of the Veterans Center of North Texas is to assist Veterans, of all ages and service eras, and their families to navigate through the network of public and private agencies to obtain assistance, services and support to establish and maintain productive lifestyles within our North Texas communities.

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