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What We Do

The Veterans Center of North Texas connects Veterans with qualified service providers that can address each Veteran’s specific needs. One of the biggest challenges facing Veterans today is locating qualified service providers that can address their needs.  With over 43,000 service providers nationwide and over 1,000 in North Texas, locating a provider that can address your specific needs is a daunting and often times a frustrating task.  The Veterans Center of North Texas takes the burden of finding a qualified service provider of the Veteran.  This enables the Veteran to focus on resolving their issues and improving their quality of life.


Key Elements of the Veterans Center of North Texas Process


  • Maintain a Database of Qualified Service Providers – Identify specific services provided, eligibility criteria, service application process, special requirements, and cost of services for each service provider.  Review and update service provider information every 6 months.  Continuously re-evaluate Veterans’ needs and look for new service providers that can meet these needs.

  • Identify All of the Veteran’s Needs – Meet face-to-face with the Veteran to understand their issues and needs.  Key to our process is identifying the root cause of a Veteran’s problem.  For example, a Veteran may ask for rental assistance when the real cause of their problem is that they are under-employed working at a job paying minimum wage.   By identifying the root causes of their problems we are able to connect the Veteran with service providers to address their immediate and long-term needs.

  • Connect the Veteran to Qualified Service Provider(s) – Develop an action plan to address each of the Veteran’s needs.  Identify service provider(s) best able to address the Veteran’s needs, assist the Veteran with the application process and provide a “warm transfer” to each of the service providers.  Our desire is to prequalify Veterans to ensure a referred Veteran and their family is the proper match for the service provider. 

  • Track Progress Until All Actions Are Complete – Follow up with Veteran and service provider to ensure actions are completed, make adjustments as needed and initiate alternative actions if initial actions are not successful.

  • Maintain Community Awareness – Work with community leaders, media, Veterans groups, service provider coalitions, individual service providers, and the North Texas Veteran community to encourage the exchange of information about Veterans’ needs and available services.

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