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Finding a living wage job is difficult and hard work.  It requires preparatory activities such as determining the type of job you are seeking, preparing your resume and developing interview skills. Attention to appearance and grooming are also important. There are many avenues to conducting your job search. You can apply at specific companies, government employment agencies, job search firms, job fairs, and online job listing services.  Networking and social media services such as LinkedIn are also important tools for finding a job. The Veterans Center of North Texas has access to many different service providers to help you prepare for and find employment in North Texas. We understand the unique needs of Veterans who have recently separated from the military and are entering the civilian workforce. We also have access to service providers that have programs to address the special needs of female and disabled Veterans seeking employment. 

"I'm so thankful. They were able to help me find a living wage job! My wife and I are now able to afford a nice apartment and are saving for our first home." - George P. 

"The Veterans Center of North Texas volunteer spent two hours helping me register with 8 different employment services agencies. I really appreciate their guidance and support." - Mary D.


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