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VCONT provides Veterans and their families with information on how to qualify for GI Bill benefits and how they can be best used.

  • Educational benefits may be available to Veterans who entered military service from Texas. These Veterans may be eligible for additional benefits from the State of Texas under the Texas Hazlewood Act. For Veterans who meet eligibility criteria, portions of the GI Bill and Hazlewood Act education benefits may be available to be passed on to the Veteran’s dependents.

  • Education benefits are also available from private industries, trade unions, nonprofit organizations, the VA, and the Texas Veterans Commission.

  • Training and mentor programs are available to Veterans interested in starting their own business.

  • The Veterans Center of North Texas fully understands the edibility requirements for these educational programs and can help you decide on the best program to meet your educational needs.

“I had no idea the education benefits available to Texas Veterans. I’m now perusing a Master’s degree using my Hazlewood Act benefits.” – Robbin H.

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